Ergonomic solutions that are good for business and great for people

Reducing injury and increasing productivity are often accomplished with the aid of ergonomic lifting devices. This type of equipment allows one or two operators to lift, move and manipulate large and small objects with vacuum. Unlike a robot, the lifting device requires an operator to position the part being handled. Reliable safety functions at the lifting device are important.

Piab‘s Vaculex® 

More than one third of all workplace injuries are caused by manual handling. Piab‘s Vaculex® vacuum-lifting solutions are ergonomic, flexible and reduce the load on your body by more than 80%. Thus, minimizing strain injuries, back pain and sick leave, while increasing efficiency and user happiness.

  • Minimize strain injuries, back pain and sick leave
  • Reduce more than 80% of the load on your body with Piabs ergonomic and flexible Vaculex® VL
  • Increase productivity and user happiness
  • Secure your production with our best-in-class service
  • Experienced speaking partner as we provide almost 70 years of experience in vacuum techonology

Offering ergonomic and safe working environments, the Vaculex® vacuum-operated lifters also allow for efficiency improvements, elevating the productivity of a plant by enabling a good flow in handling procedures, and guaranteeing high quality of products through damage limitation.


Auto tuning of machines or machine parts is an example of the sort of technical assistance and decentralized decisions that form the basis for Industry 4.0. This is also an area where Piab has been busy introducing new equipment features promoting smart production. Important security aspects will be further strengthened through interconnections with the wider system and internet connectivity as this will enable more accurate auto tuning, ensuring that the equipment is used correctly. Real-time and accurate operator guidance will minimize the risk of human error.

  • piLIFT® SMART is the very first vacuum lifter for Industry 4.0.
  • Safe and intuitive – A vacuum lifter has never been easier to use. The variable speed control follows every move by the users and the automatic balancing lets piLIFT® SMART stay in the exact position.
  • Ergonomic – piLIFT® SMART is designed with natural movement in mind.
  • Lifting heavy weights fast in poor posture does not cause pain and strain injuries.
  • Increases efficiency.

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