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Configurable Gripping Solution by PHD

A true marvel in gripping advancements, PHDs Flexion Gripper performs like a human hand, with multiple joints, fingers and pressures for an encapsulated part grip or fingertip grip. This unique design allows for the system to be mounted on parallel or radial gripper hubs, and each “finger” segment in the array can be mounted in the hub per your requirements. The fingers are further reconfigurable for future/additional purposes. The Flexion Gripper is the ultimate adaptable, configurable and versatile gripper that can mount directly to most robots via ISO 9409 mounting standards. Further Pneu-Connect mounting and URCap software packages allow for flawless integration with Universal Robots.

Intrigued? Let us show you how PHD’s advanced technology can provide you with the ultimate in flexibility with an in-person demo or watch the video below of this cutting-edge technology!

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