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NEFF Automation recently began partnering with Zebra Technologies to offer our customers in Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin Zebra’s industry-changing fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras. Zebra’s portfolio of fixed scanners and machine vision cameras automate data and capture images. And, once our customers have a chance to see these solutions in action, we’re convinced they’ll be as excited to work with Zebra as we are.

One of the great benefits of working with Zebra is access to their GO Zebra Trade-In Program, which is unique because it lets businesses trade in any manufacturer’s hardware for savings on Zebra’s latest products—you don’t have to trade in a Zebra device to receive the savings.

Zebra users all around the world—from small businesses up to the largest global enterprises—have been using the GO Zebra Trade-In Program for years to help them replace outdated mobile computers, thermal printers, and barcode scanners made by companies that can’t match the performance and innovation of Zebra’s latest products.

And now the GO Zebra Trade-In Program applies to Zebra’s full lineup of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras. So, you can trade in your current handheld scanners, fixed scanners, or machine vision cameras and save up to $100 per device when you upgrade to Zebra’s simpler and easier-to-use industrial automation technologies.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Zebra has taken a revolutionary approach to industrial automation, offering devices that deliver both fixed scanning and machine vision capabilities in a single hardware platform. The same piece of hardware that’s used for fixed scanning of 1D/2D barcodes can be upgraded to handle direct part marks (DPM), optical character recognition (OCR), all the way up to advanced machine vision capabilities that enable you to automate visual inspections, packaging checks, and other smart camera functions in robotic workflows.

Zebra’s portfolio of fixed scanners and machine vision smart cameras all run on a unified software platform called Zebra Aurora, which makes it easy to setup, deploy, and manage any solution. Right out of the box, Aurora presents you with a modern, streamlined interface where even the most advanced imaging functions are never more than a mouse-click away. Since there’s just one easy-to-use software application to set up and configure your jobs, it reduces your ramp-up time and makes it easy to change configurations as your needs evolve.

When it comes to high quality image capture, sophisticated scanning tools, and robust integration, Zebra has been the industry leader for decades. So, when you trade old devices for Zebra’s latest technology, you can be certain you’ll have the most reliable, most capable data capture tools available today.

Plus, with Zebra’s unique device architecture, you can buy only what you need today, and upgrade to whatever technologies you need in the future. That gives you a scalable path to new functionality as needs change—it will be a long time before you even need to think about replacing hardware again.

Contact us today to learn more about saving $50 to $100 per device when you trade in qualifying handheld scanners, fixed scanners, or machine vision cameras—including non-Zebra products—for Zebra’s superior new fixed industrial scanners and machine vision smart cameras.

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