Introducing the Cognex D900

Powered by In-Sight ViDi Deep Learning Vision Software, the all new Cognex D900 is designed to create vision solutions for complex automation processes that are otherwise too difficult for traditional machine learning vision tools.

Deep Learning Capabilities

Cognex Deep Learning provides the first set of field-tested, optimized, and proven inspection technology based on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.


Increase throughput time with the D900’s deep learning processes


In-Sight ViDi applications make deep learning technologies accessible to non-programmers

Solve Difficult Applications

The Cognex In-Sight D900 is a stand-alone vision system that can solve challenging vision problems that are too difficult for traditional systems. With relaible, fast, and consistent results, the In-Sight D900 deploys applications without the need for PC. By utilizing the In-Sight spreadsheet interface, the D900 simplifies application development and factory integration so much that the vision system is accessible without any expertise or programming knowledge whatsoever.

Ultimate Customization

The Cognex In-Sight D900 comes equipped with a rugged IP67-rated housing and is able is able to withstand harsh factory environments. Offering 2.3 and 5 MP resolution options as well as HDR+ advanced image formation, the D900 ensures every detail is visible, even under challenging lighting conditions. Modular lighting and optics offer the unique ability to change parts the vision system to tailor perfectly with your manufacturing process.

In-Sight ViDi Applications

Efficient Assembly Verification

Utilize artificial intelligence to detect complex features and objects and verifies parts and kits based on correct assembly. The In-Sight Check tool can be trained to create an extensive library of components.

Decode Challenging OCR in Minutes

By simply defining the region of interest and setting character size, the In-Sight ViDi Read tool can read skewed, deforme, or poorly etched codes.

Analyze Complex Defect Detection Tasks

The In-Sight ViDi Detect tool learns from images of good parts in order to identify defective parts

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