80/20 People Guarding

80/20 Inc. specializes in “The Industrial Erector Set,” a T-Slot aluminum building system that is applicable in any industry, manufacturing process, or application. With a focus on completing every project to the highest standard, 80/20 offers solutions in areas like people guarding, enclosures, displays, automation, robotics, machine frames, workstations, and DIY hobbyists.

As the need for socially distant workplaces continues to grow, 80/20 Inc. stands out as one of the largest providers of safety and guarding solutions that ensure a healthy workforce. With the widest variety of products in the industry, 80/20 Inc. provides custom guarding or enclosures that fit your specific requirements.

80/20 People Guarding Application: Sneeze Guards

80/20 dividers that distance individual workers.

Ensuring Employee Safety

On average, the cost of a minor incident is 16 times greater than the cost of the preventative measure. Injuries and fines are common results of inadequate preventative measures, which continue to grow in cost as OSHA fines have increase by more than 80% in recent years. 80/20 creates solutions that meet all OSHA requirements while accommodating for maintenance, repairs, and integrated safety components.

Reconfigurable Solutions

80/20’s flexible and durable T-Slot aluminum profiles offer reconfigurable solutions with the strength comparable to steel. With longevity being one of the most important factors in framing, 80/20 offers aluminum profiles supplied with full support from 80/20 staff from concept to completion. As your manufacturing processes change, your guards or enclosures can change too due to its modular design that can be altered with simple hand tools.

Learn more about 80/20’s people guarding solutions here. NEFF can help you find and design an 80/20 guarding solution that keeps your employees safe and perfectly fits your operation.

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