80/20 provides unlimited customized solutions with its T-slot aluminum profiles that fit your changing needs and processes. 

Easily Transport your Equipment 

Equipment placement can be hard to manage in a fast-paced manufacturing environment. With varying factors like inventory capacity and warehouse logistics at play, material handling is an essential aspect of production. 80/20 crafts material handling solutions based on unique production needs for making equipment, robotics, and more mobile.

80/20 workstation solution with T-slot aluminum profiles

Material Handling Increases Productivity by up to 25%

Managing the movement, storage, protection and control of materials and products throughout the production lifecycle requires evolving resources. 80/20 strives to create custom framing solutions to fit specific manufacturing needs. Focused on creating ergonomic and safe material handling solutions, 80/20’s framing options can aid in the reduction of inventory and improve cycle times. When strategic goals and safety measures are in line, a company can increase efficiencies and reduce the risk of injuries.

Full Customization and Integration

 Custom carts, workstations, conveyors, and more are possible with 80/20’s material handling solutions. Along with a wide range of product offerings, fractional and incremental measurements are available for easy integration with existing equipment.


Custom Applications Reduce Costs

Lean resources including personalized workstations and storage units, help reduce costs and increase productivity. Material handling solutions can: reduce floor space by up to 60%,  up to 25% faster order picking, reduce up to 47% in labor costs. Although lean resources are a positive aspect of material handling solutions, safety is the most important improvement which combats the fact that 60% of all workers’ compensation claims are associated with manual material handling tasks.