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Welcome to NEFF’s support page for Universal Robots.

Find the resources you need to finetune your robot, troubleshoot issues, and get additional training.

Common Questions

How do I sign up for a myUR account? I need myUR account access, how do I get that?

  • Please submit your request for a MyUR account of the following page: here.
  • Click on the Request myUR Access link and complete the form. Please reference page 3 above for further details.
  • Have your company myUR administrator add you via the User tab. Please reference page 11 for further details.

Are there any prerequisites in order to sign up for a myUR account?

  • Yes, you must have a valid UR robot serial number.

I don't see the robot serial number in myUR, what should I do?

  • If serial number of the robot is not available, please create a support case and provide it in a comment and we will add it.

Why do I need a log file when opening a case?

  • The robot log file is needed when creating the myUR case for root cause diagnosis by UR Tech Support. The log gives UR critical
    information about the failure mode that is needed for a proper diagnosis, an action plan and repair.

I want others to be copied on the communication of the case, how do I do that?

  • Other coworkers and UR partners who support or use your robot can “follow” the case. They first need myUR access. Use the Request
    myUR access link on our web page if they need an account.

Can I add people within my own company?

  • You can add people if you have the Admin role. You go to user tab and add your colleague by adding their email address. This sends an
    invite to that email address.

Can I have a company administrators?

  • Yes, an administrator is assigned through the initial myUR account creation.

How do I add a coworker to the case?

  • You are not able to add them yourself right now however, this will be implemented in the future.
  • You will let your coworker know the TS number and they will be able to “follow” the case and receive notifications if they have a myUR

What if I want to purchase a part, do I need to create a case.

  • No, you do not need to create a case. Please email us.salessupport@universal robots.com for any purchase.

If I’m a distributor, can the customer see if there is a PO in a comment?

  • Customer can’t see any comments unless the “send to tech support” box is unchecked.
  • If you upload PO in the “attach PO” field the customer will not see the PO.

Can I use just any email?

  • Gmail, Yahoo, etc. type emails will not be accepted. If there needs to be some form of exception, that should be discussed with UR.

Contact our team for additonal support.

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