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Technical Sales Summer Internship Program

The purpose of the NEFF Internship is to give the student broad exposure to all business units in the company, so the student can gain an understanding of how “business” works, and specifically how “NEFF Business” works.

The Technical Sales Intern will spend approximately 3 weeks under supervision in each of the following areas:


Technical Services

In the warehouse, the intern will build small assemblies consisting of pneumatic valve stacks and actuators, aluminum extrusion kits, electric panels and other various product-integrated kits used in industrial environments primarily for Industrial Automation solutions – gaining an understanding of common Industrial products, terms and practices. In addition, Interns will get exposure to and/or work on designing simple Technical Services projects.

Customer Service

The Intern will learn the order processing flow, from gleaning product information from internal and external websites, quoting components and systems, to confirming and sourcing orders. The Intern will be exposed to NEFF’s order processing software with active customer interaction, answering questions over the phone and via email. 

Application Engineering

The Intern will shadow and assist Application Engineers in specifying, sizing, and quoting integrated engineered solutions using the electrical and mechanical products NEFF represents. Additionally, the Intern will program demos, troubleshoot on the factory floor, and perform field demonstrations at factory sites.

Technical Sales Engineering

Everything comes together here! The Intern will shadow and assist Technical Sales Engineers on factory floors and manufacturing sites, learning how machines function, the capabilities of electric, pneumatic and electro-mechanical automation, troubleshooting, and identifying areas of machine optimization. Other areas of exposure include manufacturing process improvement, quantifying and documenting ROI, and observing how to interact with customers face-to-face in thte real world. 

The Intern can expect to develop technical, critical thinking, and communication skills applicable to any career. Technical growth will be gained in sizing and programming pneumatic and electrical Industrial Automation components, seeing factory floor automation and machines, observing safety practices, and exposure to manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries. Critical thinking skills will be enhanced in the areas of troubleshooting and evaluating machine functions to identify solutions to problems and seeking ways to improve existing processes and increase client profitability. Communication skills will be improved during phone conversations with customers, answering questions, and resolving problems. Common email protocol will be taught, along with face-to-face interactions with CEOs, Engineers, Purchasing Agents, Maintenance Managers, and Techs. Written and public speaking skills with be heightened with the final Presentation to NEFF employees at the end of the Internship.

NEFF targets those within 1 year of graduation, hoping to gain full-time employees who are well suited and excited for a unique career in Factory Automation Technical Sales. 

NEFF will be unable to host its Summer Internship Program for 2021. Stay tuned for information on future internship opportunities.

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