power plant utility automation solutions

New technology is significantly changing the environment within power plants.  NEFF provides a comprehensive suite of products and solutions for the optimization of plant operations, maintenance and management. Discover how NEFF can enhance your machine performance and automation processes.

Industrial Robotics

Bimba has supported diverse applications that provide different energy types, from pumps used to collect natural off-gassing of an oil well, to harnessing the natural energy of the ocean’s waves.

MAC Valves Inc. is a global leader in air valve solutions for the power generation industry. Reliability has been at the core of the solutions that we provide to the industry. The valves, mainly Large 3-way and Large 4-way, are located in harsh environments including extreme temperatures, outdoor applications, and areas that have large amounts of potential contamination.

Energy efficiency and emissions reduction are two sides of the same coin: precisely controlled and efficient combustion. Balluff’s magnetostrictive linear position sensors provide precise position feedback on hydraulic actuators for gas supply valves and combustion air damper/regulators and gas turbine governors.

Danfoss’ daily load variation in HVAC facilities is considerable. Variable speed control of electrical motors has proved to be one of the most effective cost-reducing measures available. By reducing the average speed of a motor in, for example, a pump or fan by 20%, energy savings of 50% can be achieved.