Packaging Automation Solutions

Cost pressures and production quotas are tough enough to meet. Products also have to be different and better to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The competition for innovation, appeal and quality at the point of sale is reflected in an intense competition for machines that can apply more sophisticated processes, with higher throughput, less waste and minimal downtime.

Industrial Robotics

Universal Robots can help streamline your packaging and palletizing operation to be simpler, faster and more efficient. Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating your packaging and palletizing with lightweight collaborative robot arms.

The packaging industry has a very wide range of applications, everything from lifting small bags with fragile content to palletizing heavy boxes. One requirement they all have in common is reliability for maintaining a high productivity. Piab provides products that fit very well with the demands from the packaging industry.

Whether for the reliable flow of material with track-and-trace, the correct handling of different packages, or the reliable handling of the packaging material. With Balluff sensors and system solutions, you can reliably achieve the desired flexibility and speed.

Errors need to be minimized and, when they do occur, need to be fixed as quickly as possible with minimal scrap. Machines need to be low-maintenance and upgradable to accommodate new products and higher production goals. Kollmorgen motion solutions and expertise make the difference.