In the oil and gas industry, when motors aren’t turning, profits aren’t flowing. That’s particularly true in today’s exploration and production environments. Discover how NEFF can enhance your competitiveness with enhanced automation processes.

Industrial Robotics

Protect your investments and profitability with Kollmorgen HP/HT motors. They deliver all the power density, speed and torque you need in a compact space. And they continue to perform reliably for the long haul, even while enduring ambient temperatures up to 240°C

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software for the future-proof automation of the sometimes outdated installations involved in the production, transport, and processing of oil and gas.

For decades, the fossil fuels industry – with emphasis on oil and gas production has relied on Pepperl+Fuchs to provide safety and availability for their plants. Our equipment is used in exploration platforms, pipelines and refineries.

With highly robust, accurate, and low-maintenance sensors, Balluff brings its automation expertise from the factory floor to the oil and gas field. Balluff’s global presence and special expertise in explosion-proof linear position sensors means that accurate hydraulic cylinder position feedback signals are available.