Metal forming solutions

Scalable. Flexible. Efficient. Those are the top-level goals for your machine, but getting there depends on understanding what happens deep inside the application. Discover how NEFF can enhance your machine performance and automation processes.

Industrial Robotics

Universal Robots will mprove the precision of your tools and parts by automating the metal and machining industry with robots. Our Collaborative robot arms are improving the quantity and quality of the output from manufacturers within the metal and machining industry.

Handling metal sheets, whether it is in the automotive industry, household or other industries, focuses on energy consumption while working at a very high speed with no compromise on safety. Piab’s offer to these applications shows a high match on their requirements.

MAC Valves, Inc. is a leader in designing pneumatics products and solutions for the Primary Metals – Aluminum industry. Our unique design offers a technical advantage for the demanding plant environment.

You may be looking to save energy and maintenance costs by converting from hydraulic/pneumatic forming equipment to a hybrid system or full electric servo with Kollmorgen – or you may be looking to create a next-generation material forming process from the ground up.