Medical Pharmaceutical Automation Solutions

Automated laboratory and medical systems help clinicians make accurate diagnoses and provide effective treatment. They help medical researchers find new lifesaving cures and help hospitals and clinics provide efficient care. Healthcare providers do a better job and patients receive better care when these systems are faster, more precise and more reliable.

Industrial Robotics

UR robots are designed to keep your environments clean while increasing employee satisfaction levels. Robots from Universal Robots are designed to meet the healthcare industry’s specifications for accuracy, precision and hygiene.

PHD offers FDA-approved standard and unique components with high-precision, compact designs for manufacturing syringes, tubing, IV bags, lab testing, pharmacy, orthopedics, and more for hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical markets.

The need to comply with patient safety and traceability requirements in a cost-effective way is a major business driver for pharmaceutical, medical device, and bio-science product manufacturers. Cognex vision-based inspection and industrial identification (ID) solutions can help.

Kollmorgen has the technology and engineering knowledge to solve the toughest motion challenges. We offer the widest standard product selection, with the ability to rapidly modify products for an exact fit to meet the requirement of specific applications.