NEFF has an extensive offering of products and solutions for the automotive manufacturing industry. Our solutions deliver manufacturing intelligence, execution, awareness and discrete automation control across your plant. Discover how NEFF can enhance your machine performance and automation processes.

Industrial Robotics

Add flexibility and safety to your automotive production line with a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots. Robot arms from Universal Robots can add value to many stages of the production within the automotive and aerospace industry.

From panel stamping to assembly, PHD has solutions to provide the motion automakers require. With millions of component variations, we can help move, turn, slide, lift, grip, reach, rotate, and clamp almost anything to turbocharge your productivity.

Balluff’s broad range of competencies and many years of experience make them one of the leading solution providers for every area of automotive manufacturing: from the initial press and stamping work to welding, painting, forging, casting – through final assembly.

Thomson Linear’s assembly line requires a steady flow of materials to specific assembly points along the line. An overhead conveyor system is a convenient solution, in that it does not occupy any floor space, yet can still transport materials a great distance.