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MAC Pulse Valves Ensure Fast, Repeatable and Reliable Pulses for Dust Collection.

The MAC Pulse Valve utilizes bonded spool technology in the main valve for superior reliability beyond existing diaphragm technology. MAC Pulse Valves are a more robust and reliable valve solution than current diaphragm style technology. A checked accumulator and a main spool with memory spring are used to ensure a shift back to the home position, for times when air supply may not be adequate. A line of adapter plates has also been released to replace existing diaphragm pulse valves with a direct drop-in, without disturbing existing plumbing.

The Problem with Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm style technology has many shortcomings compared to Spool type valves.

High Energy Consumption

Dust collector systems are one of the largest consumers of air and energy in a factory environment. Energy savings for replacing diaphragm valves with a spool valve can be 20 – 30%.

Low Cycle Rate

Diaphragm valves are rated at 1 million cycles, resulting in more frequent downtimes and higher labor costs compared to the 10 million cycle rate of a MAC® spool-type valve.

High Cost of Ownership

Many leaks in diaphragm valves occur after only a short time and are not easily detected. These leaks are caused by tears on the diaphragm. As a result, air compressors work much harder to supply the same air pressure, causing higher electricity usage. When diaphragm valves tear, they can cause negative performance in other air valves on the manifold.

The Benefits of Spool Type Valves

Diaphragm style technology has many shortcomings compared to Spool type valves.

Low Maintenance

Lower cost of ownership through reduction in downtime due to high reliability. When necessary, maintenance is simplified with available spool kits.

Return on Investment

MAC® spool valves do not leak or experience blowouts. ROI is very short due to significant energy savings, extended bag life, greatly reduced replacement costs, reduction in downtime and labor savings.

Harsh Environment Compatible

An aluminum die-cast body, nitrile seals and an environmentally protected solenoid are standard features. Viton® seals are also available for extreme temperature environments and chemical resistance.

MAC Pulse Valve Lineup

MAC Pulse Valves are currently available in 4 different size options.

PV03 Series

The PV03 Series is the smallest offering by MAC Valves, but offers the same aluminum die-cast body as the larger valves. Like all MAC Pulse Valves, the PV03 Series is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for existing pulse technology, making it easy to transition from the traditional diaphragm style valve.

Flow: 24 Cv

Pipe Size: 0.75″ & 1″

PV06 Series

The PV03 Series Pulse Valve works with 7 compatible base adapters and 2 spool kits.

Flow: 53.2 Cv

Pipe Size: 2″ & 2.5″

PV09 Series

The PV09 Series Pulse Valve works with 5 compatible base adapters and 2 spool kits.

Flow: 53.2 Cv

Pipe Size: 2″ & 2.5″

PV12 Series

The PV16 Series MAC Pulse Valve offers the largest flow and pipe size, making it an excellent fit for the heaviest duty applications.

Flow: 175 Cv

Pipe Size: 2.5″ & 3″


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