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Automation is our world.

Today, Pepperl+Fuchs is known by customers around the world as a pioneer and an innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology. Our main focus is always on your individual requirements: With a passion for automation and groundbreaking technology, we are committed to working in partnership with you now and in the future.


Expanding Flexibility

The BULLET is the only WirelessHART adapter on the market in an Ex d housing. The BULLET comes with all relevant certifications (ATEX, UL, IECEx, and many more) for use all over the world. Simply connect the BULLET to your field device and enable efficient wireless signal transmission.

Proximity Sensor

Inductive proximity sensors are the preferred choice for the majority of applications requiring accurate, non-contact detection of metallic objects in machinery or automation equipment. As a pioneer and market leader, Pepperl+Fuchs offers innovative, high quality inductive sensors to meet the needs of the worldwide automation and process control markets.

Rotary Encoder

Rotary encoders can be used in all applications that require monitoring rotation rate, speed, acceleration and direction. These sensors can be utilized in many applications found in mechanical engineering, the conveyor industry, material handling and the packaging industry. You are certain to find a suitable rotary encoder for your application from our broad product offering.

Isolated Barrier

Intrinsic safety barriers are the core of Pepperl+Fuchs’ product portfolio. We offer the widest selection of products for protection of electrical signals located in hazardous areas. These intrinsic safety modules combine the energy limiting features of a zener barrier with galvanic isolation. Through the routing of the individual signals across the entire network, a wide network structure becomes possible.


WirelessHART offers a cost efficient solution. Measured values become available on a regular basis, which leads to increased quality and more economical operation of process plants. In a WirelessHART based network, every participating device simultaneously works as a signal source and a repeater.

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