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Available from NEFF in Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan

Kepner Products Company is a designer and manufacturer of high-quality flow control valves featuring the patented Flexible Seal Seat. Kepner products offer dependable zero leakage control (bubble-tight) for a wide variety of fluids in check, relief, shuttle, and pilot-operated check functions.

Flexible Seal Seat

The Kepner Flexible Seal Seat design offers positive leakage control of liquid or
gas. The seat design is a carefully engineered combination of metal-to-metal and
resilient O-Ring seal contact.

Relief Check Valves

These spring-operated poppet valves, with optional relief settings, allow free flow in only one direction and prevent backflow – sometimes referred to as “backflow preventor”, “flow stop”, or “non-return” valve. Standard and specialty valve designs handle a wide variety of applications.

Relief Valves

These adjustable, spring-loaded poppet valves are used to limit system pressure. Excess pressure unseats the poppet, allowing flow with minimal increase in system pressure. As fluid is released the system pressure decreases until the spring force re-seats the poppet.

Shuttle Valves

The shuttle valve permits flow from either of two inlet ports to a common outlet. A free floating metal ball shuttles according to the relative pressure at the two inlets. The higher pressure inlet flows through the valve and moves the ball to close the opposite inlet.

Lock Valves

The lock valve combines a Kepsel® Cartridge Insert Check with a rugged pilot operator. They free flow from valve port to cylinder port (or to portion of circuit) and “lock” reverse flow until pilot pressure is applied to unlock the internal check valve and allow reverse flow.



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