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Available from NEFF in Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and N. Ohio

Today, Hammond Manufacturing is a global company with customers worldwide. Our team members work together to deliver on our promise of quality products and service excellence. High performance manufacturing equipment and continuous improvement management techniques combine to enhance our reputation for quality.

Outlet Strips and line Transformers

• Built to meet the rugged requirements of commercial and industrial use.
• All metal housing – tough extruded aluminum case with a black powder paint coated steel cover.
• Heavy duty receptacles.

Electrical Enclosures

Designed for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring enclosures. Provides protection where equipment may be hosed down or otherwise be very wet, or in outdoor applications for full weather protection.

Small Enclosures

With fast response times, reliable shifting forces and repeatable results – due to its patented balanced design – the MAC LBV is ideal for applications that demand reliable, low-leak performance. The LBV performs with both gas and liquid*, and is engineered to perform at the highest level throughout its life.

Racks and Rack Cabinets

The MAC patented Pulse Valve series was developed to replace current diaphragm style technology and create a more robust and reliable valve solution in industrial applications. MAC Pulse Valves are ideal to replace existing diaphragm technology in applications such as reverse jet bag houses and dust collectors, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling.


The balanced 4-way pilot valve provides maximum shifting forces in both directions by supplying air alternately to each end section of the spool, similar to double acting rodless cylinder. This system provides maximized shifting forces, equal forces at energization and de- energization, with no resistance to shifting at either end.