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Experts in Rotary Encoder Feedback Solutions

Dynapar’s vast rotary encoder product portfolio offers a wide selection of incremental encoders and absolute encoders that are engineered with cutting edge optical or magnetic technology. Whether your applications are heavy, industrial, servo, or light-duty, Dynapar’s trusted family of Harowe, Hengstler, NorthStar and Dynapar rotary encoder and resolver brands can be custom-built to your specifications.

Northstar RIM Tach Encoder

NorthStar motor tachs offer the most reliable magnetic technology on the market thanks to a large non-contacting air gap, active LED indicators with diagnostics, fully encapsulated electronics and field replaceable sensor modules for the RT8 and RT1 models.

Incremental Encoders

An incremental rotary encoder provides excellent speed and distance feedback and, since there are few sensors involved, the systems are both simple and inexpensive. The Incremental encorder is a rugged, incremental, optical encoder for speed, position, and motion applications.

Absolute Encoders

Absolute rotary encoders work in situations where accuracy for both speed and position, fail tolerance, and interoperability matters more than system simplicity. The absolute encoder is an absolute encoder with a true geared multi-turn, optical sensing technology and a hollow shaft assembly which is compatible with the resolver size 15.


Resolvers are rugged devices and great for applications where reliable performance is required involving high temperature, shock, vibration and radiation. The resolver construction simplifies mounting mechanics because the rotor mounts directly onto the motor shaft and the stator housing mounts directly onto the motor end bell

Encoder Accessories

From mounting adapters, tethers and cover kits, flexible shaft couplings, encoder signal testers, signal switchers, amplifiers, measuring wheels, and sensors. Dynapar has a wide variety of ideal rotary encoder accessories to finish the job.

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