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Available from NEFF in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan & N. Ohio

At Deltrol Fluid Products, our mission is to create and maintain an image of leadership, quality and integrity with our customers, employees and suppliers. We continually strive to be a world-class manufacturer of cartridge valves, custom manifold systems, and in-line valves.

Dream Coil

Go ahead and dunk it!

Deltrol Fluid Products’ new 8-Series Dream Coil has been designed to reliably meet the demands of the most rigorous environments you will encounter in any mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

Check Valves

These tough valves are ideal for general industrial and mobile applications including plastic injection molding machines, packaging equipment, machine tools, car washes, hospital beds, and many types of automotive equipment. Free flow is permitted in the direction of the arrow, positive check in the opposite direction.

Relief Valve

An adjustable, pilot operated spool cartridge valve designed to allow flow to actuator circuits until a predetermined pressure is attained, then to discharge flow back to tank at a low pressure. The relief valve features quiet operation and high accuracy of pilot-operated design.

Needle Valve

A variable flow restrictor with positive shut-off. A wide range of flow adjustment is possible because of the fine thread and tapered needle. Unwanted changes in adjustment are prevented by a locknut. A tamperproof adjustment key is standard; a knurled knob is available at slight extra cost.

Regulator Valve

A fixed cartridge valve designed to regulate flow regardless of load pressure. This valve is a restrictive-type flow regulator designed for a wide variety of flow applications. The male outlet port allows for quick installation into existing manifolds for meter-in control with free flow in the opposite direction.

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