With the ability to eliminate defects, verify assembly, and track information throughout the production process, Cognex offers unmatched performance in their 2D machine vision systems. Cognex offers popular models like the In-Sight 2000 and In-Sight 7000  that utilize a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.

Inspect, identify, and guide your products

Cognex provides industry-leading solutions to solve simple to highly complex applications including processes like pick-and-place robotic guidance and character verification in food packaging. Built with current manufacturers and production of the future in mind, Cognex’s 2D machine vision systems provide top performance with its rugged build, modularity, and user-friendly software.

Improving quailty, throughput, and waste management are just a few of the benefits of using Cognex 2D machine vision systems in your production process. Sensors like the In-Sight 2000, In-Sight 7000, and In-Sight 9000 offer a diverse array of solutions for manufacturing at any scale.


In-sight 2000

The In-Sight 2000 holds the power of an In-Sight vision system with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor. The perfect tool for solving error-proofing applications, the In-Sight 2000 set new standards for value, ease of use, and flexibility with the ability to adapt to nearly any production line environment.

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In-sight 7000

Cognex’s fully-featured and powerful vision system that performs fast, accurate inspections of a wide range of parts across all industries. Built with enhanced performance that keeps pace with increasing line speeds, the In-Sight 7000 has fast acquisition and industry leading vision tools like PatMax RedLine, SurfaceFX, and OCRMax.

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IN-sight 9000

The In-Sight 9000 is an ultra-high resolution self-contained vision system used for detailed inspections. Delivering high accuracy part location, measurement, and inspection over a large area, the In-Sight 9000 is the perfect solution for complex inspection processes. Offering a large field of view, this vision system reduces complexity, calibration requirements, and cost compared to a multi-camera system.

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