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Available from NEFF in Indiana & Wisconsin

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Increase Your Throughput Efficiency

Reallocate personnel to more product operations in your supply chain. Easily calculate your ROI with AutoGuide here.

Improve the safety of your warehouse where employees can focus on strategic roles.

Reduce damage and waste with processes being performed the same everytime.

Built For Any Industrial Application

Modular Design

The MAX N10 Automated Mobile Robot can be equipped with several variants of adapters based on the application at hand, ranging from pulling heavy loads to palletizing. Their modular design allows for easy deployment and industry leading rates in robot speed, cost-of-ownership, lead times, and ROI.

Optimize a Fleet of Robots

SurePath Mobile Robot Fleet Control Software gives you the power to manage, monitor, track, organize, and optimize your fleet of robots with the feature to easily integrate with your current WMS system. By wirelessly connecting to individual robots, SurePath allows you to manage your floor in real-time.

Accurate, Reliable, and Safe

The MAX N10’s smart technology allows for robots to be used without the need for a guided path unlike other popular industrial robots. With the ability to operate in limited space and move in both forward and reverse, the MAX N10 allows for consistently smooth and accurate navigation. Finally, the MAX N10 keeps all employees safe by constantly monitoring its surroundings and changing its course based on traffic.

Mobile Robotic Solutions

Max N10 Automated Tugger

Move heavy loads with the autonomous tugger, which safely solves logistics problems using a driver or a hitch and its sensors to deliver items to a specified destination.

  • SurePath Natural Feature Navigation
  • On-Board Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Automatic Opportunity Charging
  • 2 Modular adapters (Hitch / Driver)
  • Pulls loads up to 10,000 lbs.
  • Full load traveling up to 4 mph

Max N10 Automated Pallet Stacker

Autonomously place large pallets of inventory up to 38’ high anywhere in your warehouse to increase efficiency and throughput.

  • SurePath Natural Feature Navigation
  • On-Board Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Automatic Opportunity Charging
  • 3 Modular adapters (6′ / 38′ / Pallet Jack)
  • Pulls loads up to 2,560 lbs.
  • Full load traveling up to 4 mph

MYLO Low Profile Mobile Robot

With the ability to glide smoothly under a cart and automatically hitch to the target, these compact robots use magnetic tape guidance to transport heavy loads.

  • Automatic Opportunity Charging
  • Laser Obstruction Sensor
  • Moves loads up to 4,400 lbs.
  • Full load traveling up to 200 feet/minute