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Custom Solutions

Our Automated Solutions Group’s (ASG) core competencies align with your priorities. Our in-house team works independently or as an extension of your design resources to plan and implement stand-alone solutions for your challenging applications.

Value-Add Services

NEFF Value-Add teams provides more than just assembly and light manufacturing support, but the knowledge and skill to quickly and efficiently deliver your best outcome for structural builds. Our 6 Value-Add warehouses are strategically located at select NEFF locations to provide the best in service, delivery, and access.

Structural Solutions

Our Structural Products Group offers solutions and assistance for structural framing and guarding projects. Our best practices for design and building allow you to take advantage of our extensively trained and skilled designers.

Workforce Solutions

Combat the global skill labor shortage by automating menial, repetitive and even dangerous tasks. Automating your processes with industrial robots, vision systems, motion controls and more can enhance your productivity, improve product quality and give you the competitive edge.

Industry 4.0 Solutions

As we enter the fourth Industrial Revolution, manufacturing processes are becoming more connected than ever before. Access real-time data from your machines on the plant floor to improve your efficiency, product quality and predict failures to eliminate downtime.

Employee Safety & Ergonomics

Machines in manufacturing can often be dangerous for employees to interact with and can even lead to serious injury. Protect your employees with machine guarding, light curtains, area scanners and more, all designed around your current processes.

Pneumatic Solutions

Innovative solenoid air valve technology creates high levels of speed, repeatability and reliability while being energy efficient. We offer several types of air valves, pneumatic accessories and vacuum solutions based on your specific application.

Electro-Mechanical Solutions

NEFF offers world-class electrial motion systems and components including a larges selection of slides, cylinders, drives, actuators and more. Solve internal logistics with industrial and food-grade conveyance options.

Machine Vision Solutions

Enhance your operations across manufacturing applications with industrial machine vision, fixed scanner and RFID. Driven by powerful software and easily depoyable, our machine vision solutions can control your enterprise-wide processes.

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