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Improve your manufacturing processes.

NEFF utilizes products from around the world to handcraft custom automated solutions based on your specific application.

Assembly Verification

Identify assembly defects accurately every time with state-of-the-art vision systems and software.


Automated Warehousing

Internal transfromation solutions that are meant to smoothly optimize your workflow.

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Dust Collection

MAC bonded spool technology ensures superior reliability over existing diaphragm technology.

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Flexible Machine Tending

Integrated machine loading solution with accurate, non-stop performance.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data drawn from your system in real-time.

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Machine Guarding

Guarding ensures the safety of people, equipment, and property in your manufacturing.

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Material Handling

Create efficiencies through ergonomic solutions that fit your processes and people.

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Machine Tending

Popularly used with CNC machines, autonomous tending is efficient and increases throughput.

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Motion Controls

Move your product safely throughout your warehouse with confidence and ease.

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Let products palletize themselves and free employees for higher-value tasks.

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Quality Inspection

Inspection prior to packaging are critical to ensure customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Small Part Measurement

Quality inspection and metrology tasks where millimeters and microns really matter.

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